What Millennials Value Most in Their Lives, Careers and Personal Tech

A simple choice between A and B can say a lot about a person—or, in the case of 9GAG’s just-released Millennial Black Paper, an entire generation. In April, the cross-platform entertainment network, which counts 150 million users around the globe, teamed up with research firm GfK to create a simple “would you rather” questionnaire meant to determine what millennials (defined as ages 18-34) value in their lives, careers, politics, technology and more.

Over the course of two weeks, the survey received 134,694 responses from people in 194 countries. So what did they find? “It’s not a myth that you have to engage with millennials to get their attention,” said 9GAG COO Lilian Leong. “[They’re] not slaves to the internet or social networks. They’re a lot smarter than they’re given credit for. And they value real friends more than their Instagram followers.”

The Grand Tour hits UK SVOD pole position

Having gone all in on taking Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to its online video channel, Amazon is celebrating success with The Grand Tour among UK subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) viewers.

According to SVOD content tracking and analysis research from GfK, The Grand Tour was the most viewed title in both November and December 2016, attracting the biggest audience reach for an Amazon show in the UK since GfK’s tracking service began in 2015. It also became the most streamed show on Amazon in November 2016, accounting 8% of all the online video streams watched. The following month, that increased to 17% of all streams viewed, nearly double that of the second placed title, The Man in the High Castle.

Attempting to explain the reasons for the spike, GfK noted that one key reason behind Amazon’s investment in The Grand Tour was not just to attract publicity and views, but to encourage sign-up amongst a different target audience from existing subscribers. GfK believes that The Grand Tour has been successful in this aim. It found that in November and December 2016, the top reason for sign-up was ‘to watch original series made by the provider’, claimed by 22% of Amazon users. This was the highest percentage ascribed to this reason since June 2016, when the launch of BrainDead and Mr Robot 2 also sparked interest.

The analyst added that the value of Amazon investing in an exclusive deal with The Grand Tour cast was also proven by the second most popular reason given for sign up in December: ‘to watch exclusive content not available elsewhere’.

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Millenials make up half of US cordless users

Research from GfK MRI has revealed that those aged 18-34 account for 43% of the so-called cordless generation who have yet to subscribe to cable, satellite or fibre optic TV service, as well as those who have cut the cord.

This means, suggests GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer, which sampled around 25,000 people, that almost a third of US millennials are cordless, compared with 16% of the baby boomers demographic. In addition, such millennials are turning to streaming for TV and video, spending almost two-thirds (65%) of their viewing time streaming via a TV set or other device. That again is almost double the proportion for cordless boomers (36%), who instead spend the majority (56%) of their viewing time watching live TV on a TV set over the airwaves.

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