Top 30 Online Video Platforms to Watch in 2018

Gone are the days when the means of production and distribution of movies and creative videos were firmly in the hands of large and well-funded broadcast companies. Today, with the explosion of online video platforms, made possible by miniature HD video cameras embedded in handheld smartphones and cloud-based storage capable of housing large video files, the power of video storytelling is freely available to any individual.

Serving as an active broadcasting medium for businesses, entertainment companies, and self-appointed reviewers, online video platforms offer anyone with an opinion the chance to reach a mass or niche audience, spread across the world. Obviously, this format will emerge to be highly preferred and influential in the immediate future.

Here are the top 30 online video platforms that are worth the watch in 2018:

1) YouTube
With 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube is undoubtedly the king of online video platforms. If an enterprise wants to amplify its brand’s reach, establishing a presence on YouTube is the smart first step. YouTube has become the most important source for video distribution in the modern age. Right now, this infotainment giant has seen tens of millions of channels created, where users upload their video content in droves — by the second.

Highlight Features: Live video streaming, video on demand (VOD), video hosting and monetization, video analytics and broadcasting.

2) Brightcove
Brightcove’s powerful cloud platform offers a sophisticated selection of versatile video technologies to customers in over 70 countries. Founded in 2004 and based in Boston, the company provides a full suite of products and services that reduce the complications associated with publishing, distributing, measuring and monetizing video across devices.

Highlight Features: Ingest and transcoding, HTML5 video player, live video streaming, monetization and advertising, video analytics, mobile devices and OTT support.

3) Comcast Technology Solutions
Comcast Wholesale, This Technology, and thePlatform were merged into Comcast Technology Solutions in 2016, with the aim of providing new content distribution and monetization solutions to industry media partners. At CES 2017, the company announced it was expanding its direct-to-customer (D2C) solutions, which significantly focus on helping content providers manage over-the-top (OTT) services, covering everything from video processing to multi-content delivery network distribution.

Highlight features: Advanced monetization and commerce engine, OTT platform, broadcast and IP convergence, D2C solutions.

4) Ooyala
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Ooyala is one of the leading and profitably popular online video platforms. Ooyala holds an advantage right out of the box – its platforms are built with Big Data analytics capabilities for advanced business intelligence that allows users to deliver appropriate videos to their target audience accurately. The company’s solutions help broadcasters, media and production companies build engaging and personalized experiences across all screens and maximize return for any video business.

Highlight features: Mobile video, OTT TV, video discovery, video hosting and monetization, live streaming.

5) Akamai
With a wide array of cloud delivery solutions, including superior web and mobile performance, cloud security, enterprise access, and video delivery solutions, Akamai is a solid online video platform to lean on for those who consider video as a primary marketing strategy. The company uses its own in-house CDN platform and media storage solution for online video delivery with higher reliability, adaptability, and scalability.

Highlight features: Video player design and development, video syndication and distribution, advertising, content hosting, video analytics, secure streaming and content protection.

6) Kaltura
Kaltura is used by more than 300,000 companies worldwide to easily deploy applications that include video creation, publishing, syndication, management, monetization and analysis. Its open-source video management system is one of the most commonly chosen online video platforms on the global market. The Kaltura platform is mainly designed and developed for larger institutions in the media, enterprise and education sectors.

Highlight features: Video upload and ingestion, video transcoding and processing, video marketing and sharing platform, video streaming and delivery, video publishing, and video editing tools.

7) DaCast
DaCast is the first web-based video streaming platform with a complete streaming as a service (SaaS) model. The platform offers a suite of features through cloud computing that includes on-demand video, paywall integration, and high-definition live broadcasting. It is an all-in-one solution, offering services such as encoding, decoding, monetization, analytics, etc. It also offers a CDN server.

Highlight features: SaaS-based video platform, HTML5/Flash video player, APIs and SDKs, auto archiving, ad-free broadcasting, and white label service.

8) JW Player
Since the creation of JW Player over a decade ago, the world’s largest network-independent video platform has significantly focused on building products and services that enable businesses to create compelling video experiences for their end-users. The company recently announced the beta release of the latest version of its media player, JW8, which offers a fully-customizable responsive user-interface, improved video load speed and support for next-generation advertising standards including VAST4.

Highlight features: High-quality user experience, developer-led innovation, ad monetization, custom API implementations, and mobile SDK.

9) Muvi
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, US, Muvi is a globally acclaimed video-on-demand platform that promises to help video content providers build their own video streaming platform instantly. With Muvi, video streaming can be easily launched across platforms like mobile apps, websites, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV ecosystems.

Highlight features: VOD and live streaming, multi-screen and devices, multiple monetization, payment gateway, invoicing and billing, user management, analytics and reports.

10) Ensemble Video
Ensemble Video is one of the top online video platforms, particularly designed for organizations, making it easy for the latter to upload, encode and publish their own video content. The solution can be customized to create a custom-built video platform that can help a business stream its videos across screens and regions. This platform is equipped with advanced video security and built-in analytics to make sense of the viewership and their preferences.

Highlight features: Identity Provider Support, Live Stream and Record, Adaptive Bit Rate, Video Dropbox, Canvas Video Tool, Blackboard Building Block.

11) Amobee
Amobee is an award-winning global marketing agency with corporate clients such as Dell, Lexus, and Airbnb. Amobee’s platform receives more than 480 billion global impressions each month through leading video exchanges. The company’s technology platform and solutions help to capture data from video, the web, and mobile to create insights on consumer behavior.

Highlight features: Business intelligence, ads API integrations, end-to-end platform integrations.

12) Anvato
Anvato is nestled amongst the world’s leading online video platforms. This California based company counts several large media houses as customers and is helping Google better compete with other enterprise storage providers that target media businesses. Anvato was recently acquired by Google, to help the latter with scalable media processing and workflows in its cloud platform. Its customer list includes Fox Sports, Univision, Gray TV, and NBC Universal.

Highlight features: Live streaming, live to VOD, video encoding, cloud editing, syndication, ad insertion, and subscription.

13) BrightRoll
As one of the largest independent video advertising platforms to reach audiences across mobile, web, and connected TV, BrightRoll is powering digital video advertising for the world’s largest brands, including 90% of the top 50 US advertisers. In 2014, Yahoo acquired BrightRoll for $640 million in cash to make its video network the largest in the US market.

Highlight features: Digital video advertising, demand side platform (DSP), supply side platform (SSP) and exchange.

14) Envient
With a wide range of options and features at an affordable price, ClipShare platform (Envient Network) is the ultimate script for starting a video sharing and streaming site similar to YouTube, or Dailymotion. With its video transcoding engine, uploaded videos are converted to mobile and web ready formats in multiple resolutions and qualities.

Highlight features: High-quality video streaming, on-demand content, real-time video conversion.

15) EBD
EBD, a pioneering proprietary software provider, developed its Web Video Player that relies on powerful advertising capacities and community tools. The platform makes the most of web 2.0 technology to monetize video content for institutions and companies, thereby fostering the divulgation power of social networks and advertising initiatives on mobile video.

Highlight features: Content management, distribution and syndication, monetization, statistics and reports.

16) Limelight Networks
Limelight Networks, a world leader in digital content delivery, offers complete online video solutions to publish, measure, manage and monetize high-quality video content on the web. This video platform is integrated with the Limelight Orchestrate Platform, that combines a vast global private infrastructure, advanced content delivery applications, and support services.

Highlight features: CMS content management, HTML5 player, automatic transcode, APIs, reports and analytics.

17) Mediacore
Perceived as one of the most innovative learning platforms for use by enterprises, universities, and schools, MediaCore aims to bring quality education to the world. The MediaCore Video Platform puts powerful video sharing and learning tools into the hands of students and professors, empowering them to easily capture and share video securely and privately across all platforms and mobile devices.

Highlight features: Cross-device compatibility, media library management, in-depth analytics, web-based interface.

18) Pixability
Founded in 2008, Pixability’s platform broke ground when YouTube was still young. The company understood the incredible marketing opportunity that streaming services offered companies, especially when paired with data-driven insights and SEO. This premium video advertising company recently announced its new brand safety technology which guarantees that 100% of the advertiser spend goes to brand-safe placements.

Highlight features: Insights and targeting, media execution, reporting and analytics.

19) Samba Tech
Samba Tech is the largest independent distributor of online videos in Latin America. A pioneer amid online video platforms, Samba Tech recently updated its visual design and identity as it tried wooing a brand new audience: Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). With a global partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Samba Tech guarantees security and high-quality, as well as the delivery of the company’s message to the target audience, wherever they may be.

Highlight features: Live video, VOD, media management, and business intelligence.

20) SpotX
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, SpotX is a leading video ad serving platform. The company released figures that highlighted explosive growth in global OTT video advertising spends across its platform. The SpotX platform presents new ad serving, programmatic infrastructure and other monetization tools, including solutions for OTT as well as outstream video ad units. The company recently merged with its sister outfit, Smartclip, to establish a single global firm operating under a joint management team.

Highlight features: Multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs), broadcast-quality inventory from tv networks, and VOD.

21) VideoBloom
VideoBloom is a bonafide leader in online video commerce. This online publishing and management platform is designed to offer end-to-end video technology and production solutions. Increasingly focused on user transactions and engagement, VideoBloom’s video solutions are not only designed to manage video but to accomplish predetermined targets.

Highlight features: Video production, online video management, publishing and advertising platform, and video commerce widgets.

22) Ramp
Ramp, a leading provider of enterprise video delivery solutions for large companies, ended 2017 by publishing the latest version of AltitudeCDN, the brand’s flagship suite of software solutions for optimizing the distribution of streaming video. Throughout 2017, a prominent group of enterprise streaming platform providers integrated AltitudeCDN into their solutions to make video delivery a streamlined process for the customers.

Highlight features: Content optimization solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS), multicast support, optimizing live video traffic.

23) Bubblecast
Bubblecast is a prominent online video platform that serves thousands of simultaneous users, with video plugins for WordPress and a customizable flash player. The company is focused on creating video-sharing services, video marketing websites, video social networking services, video blogs and much more.

Highlight features: Video sharing services, monetization, and social networking services.

24) Coull
Coull, a relatively small company based in the UK, was one of the first online video platforms to think up an innovative video model. Coull’s technology lets advertisers and publishers tag individual products within videos, thus making it possible to click through and purchase products right from the video. Further, the company has a partnership with LiveRail, a programmatic video advertising platform to serve its premium advertisers.

Highlight features: Online video advertising, scalable monetization, and contextual targeting of advertisers.

25) Digitalsmiths
Digitalsmiths is one of the leaders in video search and recommendations for TV Everywhere platforms, and enables global video providers to increase viewer engagement. The company offers personalized search, recommendations and browsing applications for all content across smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, computers and gaming consoles.

Highlight features: Personalized video discovery applications, data management, and unified data service.

26) Flumotion
Founded in 2006, this Spanish technology company is a leader in online video and audio technology. Flumotion offers multiple award-winning solutions that include an online radio platform and online video platform that maximizes content monetization and ROI. The company’s SaaS solution covers the entire value chain and transforms a single audio or video stream into value-added content.

Highlight features: Multi-format transcoding, content delivery, asset management, and media ad monetization.

27) Piksel
Piksel, a global provider of video monetization software, launched the Piksel video platform in 2014. Its advanced broadcast quality and multi-screen solution allows content owners and distributors to quickly start OTT offerings to users without having to invest in an expensive static platform. Built on the SaaS business model, the Piksel video platform is a cost-effective and highly flexible solution.

Highlight features: OTT video monetization, VOD, on-premise hosting, and broadcast monitoring solution.

28) VBrick Rev
VBrick is a complete media management solution suite that enables the delivery of media and video content enterprise-wide. The company was quick to respond to the opportunities in cloud-based webcasting by re-architecting its services from the ground up for the cloud. Its cloud platform allows enterprises to stream on-demand and live video over the corporate network onto any designated device.

Highlight features: Intelligent video networking, schedule broadcasts, recordings, multiple video formats, and centralized video recording.

29) Viddler
Viddler is an online media solution centered on businesses. Additionally, it holds expertise in the extra niche of producing interactive videos. Viddler’s services include a secure cloud-based content delivery network, a robust API, patented video technology, and the backing of a professional services team. The platform has supercharged viewer engagement and analytic features, allowing enterprises to track trends in content and viewership.

Highlight features: Video contest management, opt-in advertising, secure upload and optimization.

30) Vidcaster
Vidcaster, a service mark of Vid Network, makes online training and subscription-based video sharing extremely easy. The platform can be used for video subscriptions, employee onboarding, lead generation, online courses, certification, premium content and customer support. It best suits those who want to create a robust online training platform but don’t have an IT backbone. The platform has a wide range of video site templates that can be set up and launched quickly without additional expenses.

Highlight features: Content management, customizable templates, monitoring and customizable branding.

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